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What is Heavy Metal Toxicity?

By May 11, 2017Heavy Metal

We consume and are exposed to different types of metals all the time. The human body is actually comprised of different, naturally-occurring metals, even including heavy metals, though these only exist in trace amounts. Some metals are even necessary to our health, which most people know as minerals and include metals like calcium and potassium. When our bodies, however, are exposed to too much of a particular metal, or if the proper precautions aren’t taken around heavy metals, our bodies can be negatively affected, leaving them open to susceptibility and disease. Though metal poisoning happens when too much of any metal is ingested, our home health care workers at UEW Health focus on those diseases caused primarily due to heavy metal toxicity.

Definition of a Heavy Metal

Simply put, a heavy metal is a metal that naturally occurs in the earth and which has a high number of protons and neutrons in its atomic nucleus. Though there are different types, the heavy metals that can cause the most common forms of biological harm are arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, beryllium, and mercury. Many people, when they talk about a “heavy metal”, are referring to this group and the fact that they can cause serious damage to someone who is over-exposed.


How a Heavy Metal Negatively Affects the Body

There is still a lot of debate and scientific research underway about how heavy metals destroy biological functions. To see for yourself, you can even conduct an internet search of “how heavy metals cause cancer/toxicity”. You won’t find very much, but you will see that there is plenty of evidence that links heavy metals to a set of specific, ailing symptoms. The most we know is that heavy metals are more prone to decay, which means their large nuclei break down more easily, resulting in radiation. Radiation causes DNA changes to healthy cells which are irreversible, thus causing cancer in some cases and very serious system sensitivities. Heavy metals may also cause problems because biological compounds that comprise our body can easily become damaged. If there are only trace amounts of heavy metals in our bodies, our immune systems can generally solve the problem. If we are overexposed to dangerous metals, however, our bodies can’t handle it alone and medical detox becomes critical if the situation isn’t already too late. Any time heavy metals cause severe or chronic ailments, this is known as “heavy metal toxicity” or “heavy metal poisoning”.


How Do People Get Exposed

Like we said, heavy metals are naturally occurring, so they are found pretty much everywhere – the ground, our water supply, mines, computers, vehicles, and the list is endless. Usually, these elements only exist in trace amounts and hardly affect us on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes, if someone comes in contact with large amounts of heavy metals, it can be very dangerous to his/her health. This is especially true when it comes to occupational diseases. Those who have worked in mines and factories which handle heavy metals have a high risk of developing cancer or other serious respiratory diseases because of the high concentration of heavy metals they are dealing with. Scientists and other lobbying forces have recognized the danger of these jobs and have taken great steps in helping workers to avoid toxic exposure, but there is always a risk when dealing with nuclear materials for power, transporting heavy metals toxic materials, or handling them for different factory processes. Though heavy metal toxicity can happen outside of a workplace environment, for most it is not likely that heavy metals will cause a huge problem unless they take up smoking, as cigarettes are laced with heavy metals and other dangerous carcinogens. The first and foremost course of action for anyone with heavy metal toxicity or sensitivity is to stop exposure immediately and receive medical treatment to detox as a doctor will deem appropriate.


We Help With Occupational Diseases

At United Energy Worker’s Health, we provide free home healthcare services for workers who have developed cancer or respiratory diseases due to their professions. Under two congressional acts, EEOICPA and RECA, those whose lives have been negatively impacted by heavy metal exposure are covered to receive our services. Those who qualify to receive our services include anyone who has worked in a US profession and has been diagnosed with a chronic illness or disease specified under these two acts. We hope everyone who has been exposed to heavy metals or who has developed heavy metal toxicity or a serious health condition will contact one of our many branches located in several states across the nation. Your occupational disease deserves medical attention, and we are dedicated to providing it to you for free. Call us at (800) 314-2383 to request help and home health care today.