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Top 10 Elderly Care Products You Need for 2019

It is not uncommon for seniors to want to live on their own as they age, and while independent living can be healthy, it can also pose some very real challenges. From dealing with slippery floors to being unable to climb the stairs, seniors often find that simple, everyday chores become the very bane of their existence. If you or a loved one plans on living alone into old age, there are certain elderly care products in which you can invest to make the endeavor all the easier. For assistance you cannot purchase, look into free home healthcare services.

Long Handle Grooming Kit

Chronic health conditions such as arthritis can make grooming oneself extremely difficult. Long handle grooming kits come complete with brush, comb, and multipurpose grip that provide elderly individuals with a literal extension of their bodies.

Ergonomic Bathing Set

Just like brushing or combing one’s hair can be extremely difficult for an elderly person with arthritis, or even for those without the condition, so too can bathing efficiently. Normally hard-to-reach areas such as the back and behind the legs become even more difficult to cleanse as one ages. Ergonomic bathing sets come complete with back, hair, and body wash aids that help with range of motion and provide maximum power with minimal effort on behalf of the user.

Toilet Safety Frame

Toilet safety frames give seniors the support they need when using the toilet. Many models are adjustable to accommodate varying toilet heights and widths to suit each elderly person’s needs.

Anti-Slip Bathtub Coating

Anti-slip bathtub coating is a clear, non-slip treatment for bathtub and shower floors that provides a firm surface on which to shower. These products come highly recommended, as they work better than most stick-on products, which eventually peel off or get mildew and slippery regardless of their intended purpose.

Mobile Medical Alert System

Even if an elderly person chooses to live alone, he or she should not be deprived of immediate assistance when an emergency occurs. There are dozens of mobile medical alert systems on the market, many of which require a senior to press a single button to notify an emergency response team and/or family member when an emergency has occurred. These systems also come with GPS tracking systems for additional security.

Shower Chair

Many of the items on this list have to do with helping seniors shower more safely, but each of those products may not be necessary when a shower is equipped with a shower chair. Shower chairs allow seniors to sit and cleanse themselves with ease, and without risk of slipping.

Grab Bars

Shower chairs almost always come accompanied with grab bars, which make it easier for seniors to lift themselves out of the chair without slipping. Grab bars can also be placed in other places throughout the house, such as next to toilets and in the kitchen.

Portable Dressing Aid

This handy tool looks like a pocket knife but its features are far less sinister. Once unfolded, the gadget reveals a zipper hook, button aid, closed loop buttoner, and other dressing aids.

Health and Fitness Trackers

Staying active in old age is the key to preventing and managing chronic health conditions. Elderly individuals themselves and their loved ones can ensure that seniors are getting enough physical activity by monitoring steps via a FitBit or similar fitness tracker. The results produced by such a device may also come in handy to healthcare providers, who may want to know that patients are following doctor’s orders.

Wearable Health Sensor

Many medical device companies have begun to manufacturer discreet, wearable sensors that can help healthcare providers monitor the health of seniors and other individuals who need round-the-clock monitoring. These sensors stick directly to the skin and can monitor things such as blood pressure, heart rate, activity levels, and even quality of sleep.

There are dozens of products on the market designed to make life easier for seniors who choose to live at home. Talk to your provider about products that are right for you or your loved one. And if you need assistance securing home healthcare services, or seeing what illnesses qualify for DOL EEOICPA reach out to us at United Energy Workers Healthcare and Four Corners Health Care for help.