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Living with Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis is one of the many diseases covered under EEOICPA and RECA for which United Energy Workers Healthcare and Four Corners Health Care offers free home health care. Pulmonary refers to the lung system of the body. Fibrosis refers to scar tissue. The term pulmonary fibrosis, therefore, refers to a condition where the lungs are severely scarred. Most cases of pulmonary fibrosis that occur naturally are unknown to health care professionals, but there are a few causes of pulmonary fibrosis that are associated with occupational exposure to toxins.

Those diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis may be worried about its effects on their health and quality of life. Learn more about pulmonary fibrosis and how to improve your quality of life if a doctor has diagnosed you with this disease. Consider talking with our professional home healthcare service providers as well if you are an EEOICPA or RECA beneficiary.

How it is caused


Like we already stated, naturally occurring cases of pulmonary fibrosis are still unknown to doctors. However, there are a few causes they have recognized in other non-natural occurrences.

  • Smoking: The carcinogens, heat, and heavy metal exposure from tobacco smoke can damage the lungs and cause severe scarring in the lung tissue.
  • Occupational Exposure: Many jobs are responsible for causing pulmonary fibrosis as metal dust, especially heavy metal dust, and other environmental elements can cause lung tissue scarring when inhaled. Scientists and doctors have discovered that asbestos exposure is also highly responsible for pulmonary fibrosis, and even though great lengths have been taken to remove asbestos from homes and buildings, many miners, demolitionists, and other workers are still at risk of asbestos exposure.
  • Genetics and Other Diseases: Genetics can also play a part in determining if a person will develop pulmonary fibrosis, and other diseases may also be a culprit of pulmonary fibrosis. Those with GERD, for example, may end up with pulmonary fibrosis as stomach acids can enter the lungs, causing damage.

Knowing these common causes for pulmonary fibrosis makes prevention a reality in many cases. Smokers should quit smoking, and those who work in dangerous atmospheres on a daily basis, especially in professions where they inhale dangerous particulates, may want to contact a doctor for a checkup. If there are any warning signs of pulmonary fibrosis or you are diagnosed with another occupational disease, you may think about changing professions. It may also be wise to contact a supervisor or manager to warn others about working conditions.

Helping Pulmonary Fibrosis


Once scar tissue has formed in the lungs, the damage is irreversible. This may sound daunting, but in many cases, people with pulmonary fibrosis can live stable, healthy lives if they take measures to remain active and eat well. Our home health experts and physical therapists can help you determine a healthy regimen of exercise and diet, but consider some of these activities to help strengthen your lungs and increase their capacity.

  • Running: The obvious benefits of running or jogging, if possible, are increased oxygen intake and muscle strength. Running can make the lungs work harder, thus improving their capacity when resting. Consult a doctor if you notice tightness in your chest or pain in your joints.
  • Yoga: Yoga, apart from strength training, yoga primarily focusing on breathing, which can be a great exercise for helping your lungs breath past the scar tissue and give you more air.
  • Swimming: This activity has the same effect as running if done properly, with the difference being there is much less pressure on your joints.
  • Dancing: Dancing can also be a great way to get your heart rate up, increase lung function, and make you feel young again.

We didn’t mention too much about diets, but you can think of incorporating different foods into your diet which include compounds that help you absorb oxygen easier. These can include most fruits and vegetables, seafood, chicken, whole grains, and legumes. A healthy diet mixed with an active lifestyle helps many people living with pulmonary fibrosis to lead fulfilling lives.

Home Health for Pulmonary Fibrosis

If you have pulmonary fibrosis caused from an occupation specified by EEOICPA and RECA, you are qualified to receive free home health care from our expert medical teams. We hope you will take advantage our services, as we can help you receive the quality of life you deserve after working in professional that aided in your occupational disease. Call us today at (800) 314-2383 to start receiving these benefits today.