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How to Live with a Cancer Diagnosis

By December 18, 2017Cancer

Our healthcare professionals at United Energy Workers Healthcare and Four Corners Health Care provide free home healthcare services for EEOICPA and RECA beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with specific chronic illnesses or cancers that were caused by their employment through the US Department of Energy. If you qualify for services under these two congressional acts, you can take advantage of our free home health care and utilize our cancer-centered care.

Despite how common cancer is, its diagnosis in an individual is generally very frightening and depressing. Sometimes it can even be more annoying than anything else or simply frustrating. Living with a cancer diagnosis can always be difficult, but our healthcare professionals have learned several lessons from the cancer patients we have served in the past about how to find emotional solace and continue living a fulfilling life despite their diagnosis.

Emotional Support

One of the most crucial elements cancer patients need is an emotional support system. Having not just one but MANY networks of friends, family, and church members that offer them love, kindness, and support will make all the difference in that person’s overall happiness and health. It isn’t a for sure thing that those with this type of support system for sure will overcome their cancer, but a lot of emotional support plays a large factor in the quality of life that a cancer patient lives.

To develop this kind of network, loved ones and acquaintances should do all they can to make life for the person with cancer as simple as possible without making them feel they are emaciated or a burden. The type of interaction will vary from person to person, but anyone with cancer wants to feel that they are still valued by their friends and family. It is important for those diagnosed with cancer to remember as well that there are people that are willing to be there for them and to avoid the tendency to shut others out.

Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

Healing and coping with cancer is much easier when the cancer patient surrounds himself or herself with positive influences, both in the people they interact with or the entertainment they enjoy. Positivity lifts spirits and has been linked to a healthier immune system and a better ability for the body to cope with stress.

To do this, try to make conversations light and uplifting. Talking about the cancer is good and cathartic, but conversations could also consist of jokes, funny stories, or old memories that remind the cancer patient of good times. A person with cancer may also consider watching funny movies, looking at family pictures, and reading wholesome books that are light to inspire positivity and a bright outlook. Positivity, like a good emotional network, may not always result in the cancer healing, but it certainly makes for a better quality of life.

Eat Healthy Food and Avoid Bad Substances

It may be easier for cancer cells to die off over courses of chemotherapy and radiation if the cancer patient is eating a healthy diet and avoiding bad substances. Fats and sugars are fuel to cancer cells, but diets rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains help the body fight off cancer and boost the immune system. It is also advisable to quit smoking and stop exposure to dangerous chemicals or heavy metals that may have caused cancer in the first place.

Home Health Services

To make your cancer diagnosis easier, our team is also dedicated to helping you and your family any way we can. We provide health-specific services, such as help with administering medications or blood pressure monitoring, and we also help you and family members through grief counseling and emotional support. We can also provide light cleaning services to assist with household chores so families don’t have to worry about cleanliness. All of our services can help individuals track their health goals and progress as they make their way through their cancer diagnosis.

If you or a loved one is and DOL EEOICPA or RECA beneficiary diagnosed with occupational cancer, be sure to contact us today. Help and healing begin in the home, and that is where we will meet you! Call us at (800) 314-2383 to get started.