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Illinois EEOICPA and RECA Benefits

Home to The Windy City, Wrigley Field and the best deep dish pizza in the nation, Illinois residents are proud of their state. And for good reason. Where else can you see the World’s Largest Bottle of Catsup, the birthplace of the ice cream sundae and the World’s Largest Bakery? Illinois is where it’s at and living in this marvelous state is a great blessing. When you are ready to claim your Illinois EEOICPA and RECA benefits, our Illinois office is as friendly as you can get. We are happy to help you through this process. The process might feel daunting but we will help you through the paperwork, making the process smooth and simple.

How to get the process started

To determine if you are eligible for EEOICPA and RECA benefits, the claimant must meet certain criteria. When you meet with one of our helpful staff members, we will help you complete these three steps:

  • Fill out the Form EE-1 (or if a surviving family member EE-2
  • Provide proof of employment at one of the covered DOE sites
  • Provide medical related forms indicating proof that claimant (or family member of claimant) sustained a covered occupational illness

Whether the employee or surviving family members qualify for compensation or not depends largely upon the documents provided, stating employment and diagnosis of an illness covered. Supplying these documents is essential in the process.

What qualifies as employment evidence

Providing documentation as proof that the claimant was employed at the approved DOE sites is a crucial step in the process. The following is approved as proof of employment:

  • Employment records
  • Check stubs
  • Tax returns
  • Social security records
  • Written affidavits or declarations by the employee, survivor, or another person.
  • Photocopies, certified copies, and original documents are acceptable for all these proofs of employment.

How to prove medical evidence

To receive compensation, medical documentation must be provided a disclosing diagnosis of one of the approved illnesses. This can be done with any of the following:

  • Physician’s report and physical examination
  • Laboratory reports
  • Death certificate
  • Hospital records
  • X-ray results
  • MRI results
  • CAT scans
  • Lymphocyte proliferation testing results
  • Beryllium patch test results
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Exercise test results
  • Pathology reports
  • Biopsy results
  • Other medical records

To receive compensation, it may also be necessary for applicants to submit additional evidence to the Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC), which may include a written medical report, authored by a physician, to demonstrate the relationship between workers’ exposures to radiation and the incurred disease. All DEEOIC forms are available online and should be mailed to the district office once completed. Additionally, claims should usually be submitted in the state where the claimant originally worked for the DOE.

Receiving your compensation

Whether you are receiving compensation for you or a loved one, we can assist you with all the necessary steps. Our staff is experienced to guide you through this process and answer all of your questions. Nothing can replace a loved one lost or the years of pain as a result of exposure to radiation or toxic chemicals, but compensation for unpaid bills and stressful medical debts as well as the additional stresses caused by exposure can help employees and families cope. Contact our Illinois office today.

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In order to be eligible for EEOICPA/RECA benefits, an individual must have been employed at a covered Department of Energy facility, an approved atomic weapons facility, or at a permitted beryllium vendor. An individual must also have one of the covered conditions as a result of exposure to radiation, beryllium, or silica while employed at an accepted facility. In addition, uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters are eligible for benefits if they develop an illness as a result of exposure to toxic substances (such as radiation, chemicals, solvents, acids, and metals) and worked at a facility covered under RECA. Eligibility requirements vary by location and condition.