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How to Help Elderly Parents Continue their Education After Retirement

You are never too old to learn new skills, and neither are your parents. Even if your parents are in their 70s, 80s, or even older, they can benefit tremendously from continuing their education and learning new skills.

Talk to your parents about taking classes to push their skills further or build completely new skill sets. Ask around to find out if there are opportunities for them to take classes for free or for a low cost. There are many low-cost opportunities for seniors available, like free home healthcare services for individuals who qualify under the Department of Labor Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (DOL EEOICPA).

Inspire your Parents to Find Subjects They are Interested in Studying

One way to help your parents get started on their latest round of education is helping them find subjects to devote time to studying. Maybe your parent wants to start back up with a hobby he or she abandoned years ago to focus on his or her career, family, or other obligations. Or maybe your parent wants to learn something new – if this is the case, brainstorm ideas with him or her! You might even decide to start learning a new skill together.

Your parent might decide that instead of developing a new skill, he or she wants to learn more about a specific topic like history or science. This is another great way for him or her to continue his or her education.

Research Courses at a Community College or Adult School

Once your parent has decided what he or she wants to study, find a way for him or her to get started. Contact your local adult school or community college to see if there are opportunities for seniors to take classes at a discounted rate. Many schools offer exactly this type of setup, which makes it possible for retirees to not just learn new skills and take courses, but to have the experience of going to class and participating in lessons and class discussions.

Involve your Parents in Remote Education Opportunities

Sometimes, learning in an actual classroom is not feasible due to your parent’s mobility, transportation challenges, or a lack of options in your area. This does not mean your parent cannot take a class or learn on his or her own. See if there are online courses available to your parent through a college or through an online provider like Khan Academy. For less structured learning, consider finding a Youtube channel that covers the information your parent wants to learn.

Work with your Parent’s Home Health Aide to Encourage Him or Her to Pursue New Knowledge

If your parents already have a home healthcare aide, enlist him or her to help them find new opportunities for gaining new knowledge and learning new skills. If they do not have a home healthcare aide and you think it would benefit them to work with one, contact our team at United Energy Workers Healthcare and Four Corners Health Care to see if they qualify for our services and to learn more about what we do.