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How Do I Help Aging Family Members Who Are Developing Memory Loss Problems?FAQ

Unfortunately, many adults develop considerable memory loss problems in their later years. The latest evidence suggests that around 40 percent of senior citizens report that they experience “some type of memory loss”.  In some cases — including with people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia — memory issues can be truly severe.

For family members and caretakers, there are many steps that can be taken to help an elderly person who is struggling with memory problems. In some cases, such as for qualified beneficiaries of EEOICPA or RECA, free home healthcare services may be available. Here, our team highlights some of the most important things you can do to help your loved one who is developing memory issues.

Creating a Healthy Atmosphere

While memory loss cannot necessarily be prevented entirely, there are certain things that can help to slow cognitive decline. Specifically, three of the most important things include:

  • Better Sleep: Sleep plays a key role in consolidating our memories. Better sleep generally leads to better overall cognitive function. Helping your loved one improve their sleeping habits can produce real mental improvements.
  • Exercise: Regular physical exercise offers a number of different benefits, including improved memory function. Try to help your loved one engage in exercise that is well-suited for their current physical condition and limitations.
  • Continued Socialization: Finally, social activity in older adults has also been closely linked to better memory retention and slowing of overall cognitive decline. Be sure to provide a social environment for your older family member. Social isolation is extremely unhealthy.

Providing a Supportive Environment

Beyond creating a healthy atmosphere that helps your loved one preserve memory function and slow their cognitive decline, there are also many steps you can take to build a supportive environment that will help them cope with any memory issues. Among things, family members should:

  • Be Understanding of the Situation: A supportive environment is one in which all family members are understanding of their loved one’s memory issues. Did they repeat a story or forget something simple? It is okay to just let it go without remark. Memory issues do not have to be embarrassing or uncomfortable.
  • Simplify Their Life: For people with memory issues, a simplified life can provide many benefits. Reducing the number of decisions that they have to make and the number of tasks that they have to remember can improve their quality of life.
  • Consider Professional Care: Please remember that you and your family are not in this alone. For aging adults with serious memory issues, there are many excellent professional care options that are available.

Free Home Healthcare Services for Senior Citizens

At United Energy Workers Healthcare and Four Corners Health Care, we are proud to offer top home healthcare services to EEOICPA and RECA beneficiaries. These federal programs are available to certain people who were affected by the U.S. nuclear weapons industry.If your elderly family member is suffering for early stage Alzheimer’s or other general memory loss, free home healthcare services may be available. To learn more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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In order to be eligible for EEOICPA/RECA benefits, an individual must have been employed at a covered Department of Energy facility, an approved atomic weapons facility, or at a permitted beryllium vendor. An individual must also have one of the covered conditions as a result of exposure to radiation, beryllium, or silica while employed at an accepted facility. In addition, uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters are eligible for benefits if they develop an illness as a result of exposure to toxic substances (such as radiation, chemicals, solvents, acids, and metals) and worked at a facility covered under RECA. Eligibility requirements vary by location and condition.