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Can I Receive Medical Benefits Even If I Don't Have a Covered Condition?

Those who suffer from illnesses that are not covered by EEOICPA or RECA may also have access to the same benefits through… READ MORE

Do You Have Doctors that Can Diagnose If I Have a Covered Health Condition?

Once you have been diagnosed with one of the listed illnesses associated with working for the Department of Energy… READ MORE

Does UEW Healthcare Work With my Insurance Carrier or Medicaid?

Once a covered employee has been awarded medical benefits, he or she receives a medical benefits identification card… READ MORE

Does United Energy Workers Provide Paid Services Outside of EEOICPA and RECA?

Under the EEOICPA, workers employed by the Department of Energy (DOE) who were exposed to radiation or other toxic substances… READ MORE

How Can I Receive Free Healthcare If I Don't Live in Your Service Areas?

Many claimants who suffer from illnesses caused by radiation or exposure to toxins… READ More

How Do I Apply for EEOICPA and RECA Benefits?

Claimants must submit an in-depth record of employment history as well as… READ MORE

How Do You Work With My Insurance for Uncovered Medical Expenses?

After an employee has been approved under the EEOICPA, he or she receives a medical benefits identification card that must be presented… READ MORE

How Long Do I Qualify to Receive Your Home Healthcare Services?

You might begin to worry about how long the benefits will last. Your ability to collect free EEOCIPA and RECA home health care… READ MORE

What is the difference between EEOICPA and RECA?

There are a number of other differences between EEOICPA and RECA, including… READ MORE

Are the Services You Provide Truly Free or do I Have to Pay for Them Out of the EEOICPA/RECA Lump Sum I Received from the Federal Government?

These programs provide free EEOICPA and RECA healthcare to eligible claimants, allowing them to receive treatment and in some cases, assisted living and nursing services free of charge. For an explanation of these services… READ MORE

I Worked Outside of the United States When I Developed My Occupational Disease. Am I Still Covered under EEOICPA or RECA?

If you meet certain stipulations from the United States Department of Labor, you could receive free EEOCIPA and RECA home health care… READ MORE

What Services Does UEW Health Provide to Support Families of Energy Workers?

At United Energy Workers Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for those receiving benefits under EEOICPA. This includes… READ MORE

What can your services really do for terminal patients?

Knowing that your loved one is suffering from issues derived from Energy Occupational Illness or Radiation Exposure will be one of the most trying times… READ MORE

How Frequently Do the Healthcare Providers Visit Me in My Home?

You have control over the frequency of your visits, and all of them are… READ MORE

Can I Choose or Request the Nurses and Doctors that Visit My Home?

Recipients of EEOICPA and/or RECA benefits are able to choose their own licensed… READ MORE

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

Through a free consultation, we can help individuals determine their eligibility for… READ MORE

If Your Services are Free, How Do You Get Compensated?

Because of the manner in which the EEOICPA and RECA programs are set up, United Energy Workers Healthcare receives payment directly from… READ MORE

If I Worked for the DOE But Haven't Been Diagnosed With a Radiologic Cancer or Disease, Can I Still Receive Your Services?

Under the law, any illness or medical conditions that can technically be linked to radiation or toxic exposure can qualify for home healthcare benefits through EEOICPA. However, this comes with… READ MORE

How do I Know if My Radiological Cancer was Due to My Occupation or Another Source?

In today’s day and age, we are surrounded by substances that can cause serious medical conditions, including cancer. Exposure to radiation has proven to be especially dangerous, although in prior decades, little was known about the extent of the dangers posed by radiological substances. For this reason…READ MORE

Do I Need Legal Assistance to Take Advantage of EEOICPA and RECA Benefits?

All EEOICPA/RECA applicants have the right to self file their claim, but you may… READ MORE

Is there an age restriction on those who qualify for EEOICPA or RECA benefits?

There is not necessarily an age limit for EEOICPA and RECA benefits, but your loved one… READ MORE

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