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Elderly Connectivity through Spirituality

By November 26, 2018Getting Involved, Religion

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, more than half of American adults say that religion is ‘very important’ to them. For senior citizens, religious observance can help make their later years fulfilling and meaningful. If religious observation is important to your elderly or vulnerable loved one, is it crucial that you help facilitate their continued worship and participation in the community.

Common challenges — including things such as lacking access to transportation — can cut seniors off from important elements of their life. In some cases, professional help, including free EEOICPA and RECA home health care services, can help seniors stay active in the personal community that is most important to them.

Religiosity and Spirituality Has Been Associated With Increased Longevity

For seniors, there can be real, tangible physical and psychological benefits to continuing observation of the religious and spiritual traditions that are important to them. According to a large meta-study published in the peer-reviewed journal Population Health Management, religiosity and spirituality later in life have been linked as factors that are strongly associated with increased longevity.

One of the things that is so notable about this research is that it digs deeply into the mechanisms behind the link between religiosity and longevity. In doing so, it finds that seniors across the world who maintain religious observances that are important to them benefit from additional social support, stress relief, and other positive health behaviors.

It is Crucial that Seniors Remain Socially Connected

It is no secret that many elderly and vulnerable people lose some of their mobility. Even a partial loss in physical mobility can make it more difficult for a person to live the exact same lifestyle that they used to live. Among other things, this can result in seniors becoming socially isolated. Social isolation has the potential to cause very serious physical, psychological, and emotional harm.

Helping an elderly loved one stay in touch with their religious traditions is one of the best ways to help them remain socially connected to their broader community. How exactly you can do this will vary widely depending on the specific situation. Though, small details can make a very big difference. For example, helping an elderly parent get a ride to religious services each week can make an enormous impact on their quality of life. Many other small things can make a big difference as well, including helping your loved one decorate their home or apartment for an important holiday.

Home Healthcare Services to Help Seniors Observe Their Faith

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