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What Is Ovarian Cancer?

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Ovarian cancer is a fast-growing group of cells that develops in the ovaries – the organs that produce sex cells which are responsible for creating new life – and which kills off surrounding, healthy ovarian tissues. There are several risk factors for ovarian cancer, and United Energy Workers Healthcare is…

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How to Live with a Cancer Diagnosis

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Our healthcare professionals at United Energy Workers Healthcare provide free home healthcare services for EEOICPA and RECA beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with specific chronic illnesses or cancers that were caused by their employment through the US Department of Energy. If you qualify for services under these two congressional acts,…

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What is Breast Cancer?

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In 2017, there are an estimated 250 thousand people that will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, both men and women. Though women are more likely to develop breast cancer than men (roughly 100 times more likely), both genders are affected by this disease, and nearly 41 thousand people are…

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What is Leukemia?

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One of the types of unfortunate cancers covered under your EEOICPA and RECA benefits is leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer of the body’s white blood cell production and is almost always malignant, claiming the lives of more than 24 thousand Americans in 2016 alone. Leukemia patients have a better-than-ever chance…

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