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Beryllium Sensitivity in Former Workers

One thing many former nuclear workers deal with is Beryllium Sensitivity. Beryllium is a metal that is used in manufacturing because it is lightweight and a good conductor of heat and electricity. Some former workers have been exposed for many years and will never have an adverse reaction. This is because it manifests itself almost like an allergy. Some people are sensitive to it, and others are not. Symptoms can develop soon after exposure, or in many cases, after 30-40 years of being exposed.

How can you tell if you or a loved one is sensitive to Beryllium?

Symptoms can include one or many of the following: shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, weight loss, a cough, fever, joint pain and loss of appetite.

What should you do if you or a loved one who have been exposed to Beryllium are experiencing these symptoms?

There is a blood test called beryllium lymphocyte proliferation. This test is a good start. It measures your white blood cells’ reaction to beryllium. While there is no cure, there are easy ways to treat the symptoms. It is important to get these symptoms treated not only to have a better quality of life, but to lengthen your life. These symptoms can be so frustrating and we want to help.

Those who are diagnosed with CBD or any beryllium sensitivity should consider a regime of healthy living, including a diet rich in vitamins and minerals (vegetables) and exercise. We don’t recommend stressing your system with overexertion, but there are plenty of exercises that workers with beryllium sensitivities can do to increase lung capacity, which helps strengthen tissues scarred by beryllium. We might recommend exercises such as swimming or yoga, as both concentrate on breathing while helping with flexibility.


Former DOL workers can receive compensation. Please contact us to see if you qualify!

If you have already received DOL benefits for bsens and have not received compensation, contact us for assistance.